31 July, 2016

Jewel Pack Sale

Wizard101's Jewel Pack Sale is here! That's right! Now through July 31st 2016, you can save 50% OFF on School Jewel Packs and Rockhammer's Jewel Pack for your Wizard! It's a great sale and now is the Perfect Time to buy these packs!!

What items do i have a chance to get in the School Jewel Packs?
  • Brume Mounts
  • Dual Blade Jewels
  • Powerful Spell Jewels with cool Auras
  • Epic Jewels with Morganthe Spell
What items are in the Rockhammer's Jewel Pack?
  • One Jewel per pack
  • Items for use in crafting jewels
So what are you waiting for? Get these cool packs right now!!

24 July, 2016

Location Of Smiths In Wizard101 (Guide)

Hi Wizards!
I hope your having an awesome Sunday in the Spiral! Well i had a pretty good day too! 
There are lots of "QUESTS" in Wizard101. Some make us go "Wow!" while other quests make us go "ARRGH!". The quest "Find The Smiths" given to Wizards is pretty difficult. New Wizards cannot find these tiny GUYS! But Fear Not, in this post you'll find all the locations of the Smiths.

What is this "Smith" guy? 
Smiths are the tiny guys that are hidden all over Wizard City. They are really good at hiding! 

About This Quest
Wizards will get this Quest from Prospector Zeke. You can see Prospector Zeke in the image above. 
In order to find all the Smiths, you're going to need a Membership or you must have access to Collosus Boulevard, Firecat Alley & Cyclops Lane. Smiths are also hidden in these zones. 
Below i'll briefly describe the locations of the Smiths. The Smiths will be encircled in red color.

Free to play zones Smiths
The Commons Smith
The Commons Smith is located in the Fairegrounds. It's behind one the Mini-Games. Directly run forward and you'll find him behind one of the Mini-Games.
Commons Smith
Golem Court Smith
Just enter Golem Court & run towards the right side of the court. You'll find him beside a tree

Golem Court Smith
Ravenwood Smith
The Ravenwood Smith is behind the Myth School. Ravenwood Smith will be standing in front of a bench.
Ravenwood Smith
Unicorn Way Smith
Unicorn way Smith is located near the Hedge Maze. (Not inside Hedge Maze, Outside of Hedge Maze)

Unicorn Way Smith
Shopping District Smith
The Shopping District Smith is a little difficult to find. But he's located behind the Jewels Shop. Go behind the Jewel Shop and you'll find him.
Shopping District Smith
Olde Town Smith
In my opinion, this smith is very easy to find! It is standing near Gloria Krendell. It is also in front of the Bazaar. There shouldn't be any difficulty finding this Smith! :D

Olde Town Smith
Triton Avenue Smith
Triton Avenue Smith is near the Four Falls Mill. It's standing in a corner near a waterfall.
Triton Avenue

Pay To Play zones Smiths (Membership required)
Cyclops Lane Smith
Cyclops Lane Smith is located near the Festival Park. It's behind Nolan Stormgate, near a stream of water.
Cyclops Lane Smith
Firecat Alley Smith
Firecat Alley Smith is located near the FireGlobe Theatre. It will be standing near a statue of Firecat.
Firecat Alley Smith
Collosus Boulevard
Collosus Boulevard Smith is located in the area of Hildreth Perch. Go down the stairs and look on your left and you'll see the last Smith!
Collosus Boulevard Smith

Do we get any badge?
Of Course! After all that finding your Wizard definitely deserves a Badge! After completing this quest, you will get the badge "Wizard City Explorer" along with plenty of other things. You can display this really cool badge proudly under your name!

Thanks for reading this post :D. I'm sure it helped you a lot in completing this quest!!!

22 July, 2016

My Blog Upgrade

Hello Wizards!! (& people of course)
I've just upgraded my blog. I've changed the colors, added a background and I've also added a Header. Well i hope you like my upgrade and the changes i've made to my blog. You can comment your views about my blog below! I'll soon add tabs just below the header. 

-James LifeMancer

Reasons to Play Wizard101

Don't know about Wizard101? Don't know that why millions of people play this game?
 Well don't worry, i'll tell you some reasons that why people play this game.
Wizard101 is an online game in which players embark on an epic journey for saving the spiral!! Its a game with Witchcraft and Wizardry!! The game has card magic, wands, staffs, cool gear, mounts and much much more...!! Want to know all of this stuff?? Read BELOW! Below are the reasons and features of Wizard101:-

1. Free to play 
The game offers free zones in which you have permanent access forever! This gives you a chance to check out the game and begin your Wizarding adventure!! However not all of the spiral is free, you have to buy membership to get access to the other zones or you can just unlock them for a small zmount of crowns.

2. Interesting Story line
The game follow an interesting plot and story! There is an evil Wizard, Malistaire, and he wants to destroy the spiral and rule it! But we are the one who stop him and save the spiral. But that's not all, in order to defeat Malistaire we travel to different worlds, encounter different foes and bosses and much much more...!!

3. Different Activities
There are lots of different activities in the game that make our Wizarding adventure even more fun! The activities include Fishing, Gardening, PvP, Pet training, Castle Games, Decorating your house or castle etc! Sounds fun right? Fishing tournaments have also been added which make your fishing experience even more challenging and fun!!

4. Amazing features for the Wizard
Lots and lots of amazing features are available for our Wizard! Those include gear, spells, wands and staffs, pets, mounts, hairstyles, castles and much much more! We can buy ourselves a stylish mount or get ourselves a hairstyle to look more cooler than ever! And get a magical wand or staff to cast powerful spells and use tresure cards to end or opponent in style!

5. 3D Graphics
The game has 3D graphics and there is amazing detail in every thing. The mounts, gear, castles etc look as if they are part of something magical!! The game has the best graphics which enhances our gaming experience and makes us glued to the screens!

6. Different Events
KingsIsle hosts different events for the game Wizard101 and Pirate101. They not only host events but give us rewards too like mounts, crowns etc. Not only this but bloggers and fansite owners for Wizard101 also host events with awesome rewards like mounts, packs, bundles, crowns and much much more!!

7. Awesome Combat
The game offers interesting combat which is all about strategy and critical thinking. The spells are truly amazing with amazing details and colours. The combat is pretty cool especially in the gauntlets. You'll feel as if you were a real life wizard with power to cast spells!!!

New Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle

If you loved the release of Valencia Part 2 in Pirate101 then this bundle is definitely for you! Wizard101 has just released a brand new gauntlet bundle: The Cuckoo Clock Bundle! This is to promote the launch of Pirate101's Valencia Part 2 last month! This brand new bundle is available at Target & Wallmart for just $39!

The Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle Includes

  • The Great Clock Tower
  • Dyeable Clockwork Courser Battle Mount
  • Battle Cherub Pet
  • Dragoon's Vesture Outfit
  • Dragoon's Rapier Weapon
  • & 1 month Membership or 5000 crowns
Bundle Overview
This Game Card is packed with Valencia themed items. 
Th Great Clock Tower is a gauntlet, with 4 consecutive battles with various bosses. The Clockwork Courser Mount comes with a regular +40% speed, +2% Pierce and dyeable colors!

The Battle Cherub pet has a starting pedigree of 56 and gives your Wizard the Gaurdian Spirit Spell, which is a great addition to your spell deck! 

The Dragoon's Vesture Outfit reflects the culture of Valencia and it looks great on your Wizard! The Dragon Rapier Weapon grants +10% universal damage at Level 110+ and a brand new May cast AoE Moon spell: Margherita Vizzini!

Evergreen Bundle leaves this Sunday

The Evergreen Bundle leaves this Sunday. If you haven't bought this amazing bundle yet so hurry up, it's leaving this Sunday! The Evergreen Bundle is packed with lots of amazing items for your Wizard with up to level 100 gear & weapons!!

Evergreen Bundle Includes

  • Botanical Gardens Estate with Abberant Carnivorous Plant
  • Celestial Wolf Mount
  • Spirit of the Forest Pet
  • Evergreen Armour
  • Thornblade Weapon
  • & 5000 crowns   
This bundle wont be here forever... it's leaving this Sunday! So hurry up and buy it before it leaves!

21 July, 2016

Wizard101 Christmas in July (2016)

Can't wait for Christmas in December? Well don't worry! Wizard101's latest update : Christmas in July is finally here with all those festive items that always join the spiral with this update like that Sleigh Mount & much much more!! Take a break from the heat and enjoy Christmas in July! Its limited time only though! You can also see the holiday decorations in the commons and meet Felix Navidad in the shopping district!  Here is the list of the items that are available in the spiral:

List of items

  • Winterland Pack
  • Yuletide Pack
  • Polaris Express Mount
  • Reindeer Sleigh Mount
  • Mixed Candy Cane Mount
  • Ice Floe Siren Pet
  • Polar Fox Pet
  • Snowball Pet
  • Winter White Owl Pet
  • Reg. Keeper Icy Multi-Tank
  • The Gift giving Boon Tree
  • Happy Holiday Plant
  • Select Housing Decorations
Get Your Free Item
 That's not all, you can also redeem a free item for your Wizard101 and Pirate101 accounts! Well that item is a mystery, it could be a housing item or maybe Yuletide & Winterland Pack!! Click on the link below to redeem your free item!

                                                                  GET YOUR FREE ITEM