31 July, 2016

Jewel Pack Sale

Wizard101's Jewel Pack Sale is here! That's right! Now through July 31st 2016, you can save 50% OFF on School Jewel Packs and Rockhammer's Jewel Pack for your Wizard! It's a great sale and now is the Perfect Time to buy these packs!!

What items do i have a chance to get in the School Jewel Packs?
  • Brume Mounts
  • Dual Blade Jewels
  • Powerful Spell Jewels with cool Auras
  • Epic Jewels with Morganthe Spell
What items are in the Rockhammer's Jewel Pack?
  • One Jewel per pack
  • Items for use in crafting jewels
So what are you waiting for? Get these cool packs right now!!

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