24 July, 2016

Location Of Smiths In Wizard101 (Guide)

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There are lots of "QUESTS" in Wizard101. Some make us go "Wow!" while other quests make us go "ARRGH!". The quest "Find The Smiths" given to Wizards is pretty difficult. New Wizards cannot find these tiny GUYS! But Fear Not, in this post you'll find all the locations of the Smiths.

What is this "Smith" guy? 
Smiths are the tiny guys that are hidden all over Wizard City. They are really good at hiding! 

About This Quest
Wizards will get this Quest from Prospector Zeke. You can see Prospector Zeke in the image above. 
In order to find all the Smiths, you're going to need a Membership or you must have access to Collosus Boulevard, Firecat Alley & Cyclops Lane. Smiths are also hidden in these zones. 
Below i'll briefly describe the locations of the Smiths. The Smiths will be encircled in red color.

Free to play zones Smiths
The Commons Smith
The Commons Smith is located in the Fairegrounds. It's behind one the Mini-Games. Directly run forward and you'll find him behind one of the Mini-Games.
Commons Smith
Golem Court Smith
Just enter Golem Court & run towards the right side of the court. You'll find him beside a tree

Golem Court Smith
Ravenwood Smith
The Ravenwood Smith is behind the Myth School. Ravenwood Smith will be standing in front of a bench.
Ravenwood Smith
Unicorn Way Smith
Unicorn way Smith is located near the Hedge Maze. (Not inside Hedge Maze, Outside of Hedge Maze)

Unicorn Way Smith
Shopping District Smith
The Shopping District Smith is a little difficult to find. But he's located behind the Jewels Shop. Go behind the Jewel Shop and you'll find him.
Shopping District Smith
Olde Town Smith
In my opinion, this smith is very easy to find! It is standing near Gloria Krendell. It is also in front of the Bazaar. There shouldn't be any difficulty finding this Smith! :D

Olde Town Smith
Triton Avenue Smith
Triton Avenue Smith is near the Four Falls Mill. It's standing in a corner near a waterfall.
Triton Avenue

Pay To Play zones Smiths (Membership required)
Cyclops Lane Smith
Cyclops Lane Smith is located near the Festival Park. It's behind Nolan Stormgate, near a stream of water.
Cyclops Lane Smith
Firecat Alley Smith
Firecat Alley Smith is located near the FireGlobe Theatre. It will be standing near a statue of Firecat.
Firecat Alley Smith
Collosus Boulevard
Collosus Boulevard Smith is located in the area of Hildreth Perch. Go down the stairs and look on your left and you'll see the last Smith!
Collosus Boulevard Smith

Do we get any badge?
Of Course! After all that finding your Wizard definitely deserves a Badge! After completing this quest, you will get the badge "Wizard City Explorer" along with plenty of other things. You can display this really cool badge proudly under your name!

Thanks for reading this post :D. I'm sure it helped you a lot in completing this quest!!!

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