22 July, 2016

My Blog Upgrade

Hello Wizards!! (& people of course)
I've just upgraded my blog. I've changed the colors, added a background and I've also added a Header. Well i hope you like my upgrade and the changes i've made to my blog. You can comment your views about my blog below! I'll soon add tabs just below the header. 

-James LifeMancer


  1. Hello James! Nordic Champion here, in reference to your comment on my "More Posts" page, I wanted to answer a few of your questions. For some reason your comment didn't show. Anyway, I'm glad that you know how to use labels. If you want to use images as a link, simply click on the image in drafts, then hit link. It will function just as a normal link. As for the badge, just right click on it and save, then use the image display gadget to put it on your blog. Thanks again for contacting me, and I hope this helped you out! :) Keep up the good work blogging!

    1. Thanks Champ!! Really appreciate your help!! :)


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