22 July, 2016

New Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle

If you loved the release of Valencia Part 2 in Pirate101 then this bundle is definitely for you! Wizard101 has just released a brand new gauntlet bundle: The Cuckoo Clock Bundle! This is to promote the launch of Pirate101's Valencia Part 2 last month! This brand new bundle is available at Target & Wallmart for just $39!

The Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle Includes

  • The Great Clock Tower
  • Dyeable Clockwork Courser Battle Mount
  • Battle Cherub Pet
  • Dragoon's Vesture Outfit
  • Dragoon's Rapier Weapon
  • & 1 month Membership or 5000 crowns
Bundle Overview
This Game Card is packed with Valencia themed items. 
Th Great Clock Tower is a gauntlet, with 4 consecutive battles with various bosses. The Clockwork Courser Mount comes with a regular +40% speed, +2% Pierce and dyeable colors!

The Battle Cherub pet has a starting pedigree of 56 and gives your Wizard the Gaurdian Spirit Spell, which is a great addition to your spell deck! 

The Dragoon's Vesture Outfit reflects the culture of Valencia and it looks great on your Wizard! The Dragon Rapier Weapon grants +10% universal damage at Level 110+ and a brand new May cast AoE Moon spell: Margherita Vizzini!


  1. I can't find this at Walmart OR Target ANYWHERE in the Phoenix area. A Target employee actually tried to look them up for me in her stores inventory system and couldn't find them.

  2. Well maybe they are not available in your region. You should wait and keep trying to get this gauntlet.


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