21 August, 2016

Back to School Event (Recap)

Hey Wizards!!!!
I just attended an amazing event hosted by Edward LifeGem!! It was a "Back To School" event because schools are just about to begin!! It was a pretty cool event with lots of fun things and activities!!
The event was hosted on 13th August, Saturday at 4:00PM CST. I attended this event along with a lot of other players as well!! This event took place in Ravenwood, Vampire Realm!!

I was just about to begin questing with my low level Life Wizard when i suddenly saw Edward LifeGem & Autumn DreamWalker!! I got super excited and asked them whether they were the real ones or not. And they were the real ones!! I added Autumn but i wasn't able to add Edward with his Life Wizard. But he added me with his Fire Wizard.

I arrived early at the event. But minute after minute, more and more people were coming!! Soon it got very crowded.  *MORE DESCRIPTION BELOW :)*

Scroll down and look at the amazing moments of this event!!

Everyone standing in a line together!!

Wizards are starting to arrive to attend the event.

Random Picture

Random Picture with Autumn

Random Picture with Edward LifeGem

I was really happy to meet Autumn and Edward so i took some pictures with them. I was also very happy to add them!!

Ready, Set, GO!!  Ravenwood Run.
Oh No! Wait for me guys!!

Ravenwood Run! Ahead of Edward ;D
These were the moments in Ravenwood. After doing this really cool run, everyone equipped their favorite mounts. Then we teleported to Edward's house where there were a lot of games, musical instruments, housing gauntlets and PvP!!

We arrive at the house.

Group Photo
Group Photo
Now that the event was kinda over, everyone started to do different stuff like playing the musical instruments and PvPing etc.
PvP, The Ultimate Battle Begins...

That's gotta hurt!! Ow!

A Happy Ending!
Whoah! Just realized that i posted a lot of pictures!
There were Housing Games, PvPs, Runs and much more fun activities!!
Anyway it was a great event hosted by Edward LifeGem and co-hosted by Autumn DreamWalker! This was a kind of a minor event. The major event, The Halloween Run, also hosted by Edward Lifegem is coming in October!! Make sure you attend that event too!!

Thanks for hosting this event Edward!! :D

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