04 August, 2016

Guide to Battling Ra in Wizard101


Hi Wizards! Here is my new (& First) guide! If you want to know or discover the Skeleton Key Room in Krokotopia, just keep scrolling down!!

Who is "Ra"?
Ra is a rank 4, balance school boss. He is located in Krokotopia- Hall of Doors- Skeleton Key Room.
But if you want to battle with him, you'll require a "Wooden Skeleton Key". It can be acquired by fighting various bosses.

                          Glance at the Stats Of Ra 
Ra at a Glance
School: Balance
Rank: 4
Health: 3750
Resist: 60% to Balance
Boost: 10% to Myth, Life & Death
Stunnable: No
Minions: Hu the Commander, Heka the Haruspect & Sia the Perceiver 

  • "Let's accelerate this contest."- At the beginning of the first round, Ra casts Power Play.
  • "Accuracy is such a Fickle Thing."- During the first four rounds of the duel, Ra will either cast Precision or Black Mantle on the Player or cheat cast Balance versions of Guidance or Smoke Screens on his allies.
  • "Let's Balance things out a bit"- Ra casts Amplify on everyone on the battlefield, including the players. Four rounds after doing this, he does the same cheat again but with Fortify.
Known Spells which Ra Casts

These are the KNOWN SPELLS which Ra casts. It pretty much gives you an idea that how powerful this boss is. In my opinion, not that much. UNLESS you're a low level wizard (below level 22).

What should be my strategy? Can i Solo it?
The Strategy is simple. Use blades and charms first. Then go for full attack. Or you can also keep attacking. However, low level wizards cannot solo this dungeon. You should be level 22+. And don't try to solo it if you're below level 45. And make sure you bring along a few friends to make the fight a bit easier.

The Opponents
There are 4 opponents in the dungeon. Ra (Rank 4 Boss, Balance), Hu The Commander (Rank 3 Elite, Fire), Heka The Heruspect (Rank 3 Elite, Myth) & Sia The Perceiver (Rank 3 Elite, Life). All opponents have 1000+ health so be careful. I've mentioned the school of each opponent too! They don't use that much strong spells but beware, it's not that easy either. They keep healing each other.

What does Ra drop for our Wizard?
Drops? We love drops!! Yep, Ra drops Krokotopian themed items. The items which Ra drops are Robes, Hats, Boots, Jewels, Reagents, Pets, Mounts, Wands & Staffs, Seeds, Treasure Cards, Snacks and Housing Items. However, Ra does not drop Athames, Rings, Amulets & Decks.

Ra drops crown items as well. It drops pretty cool mounts like the Mander Palanquin, Camel & Crokagator. It also drops a few horses like the Starlight Pony. For full list of the drops visit this site: http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Creature:Ra#axzz4GGtVpoKp.

The Cool Things i got from Ra!
My Camel Mount which i got from Ra!!

I'm wearing the gear i got from Ra. Look at the housing behind!! I got them from Ra too!

Showing an awesome spell which did 6185 damage to Ra! He's FINISHED!!
I love duels and stuff and farming various bosses to get all those cool gear which are unique to specific bosses!! I hope this guide helped you in defeating Ra and collecting all of its Gear!!

PRO-TIP: If you have access to Krokotopia, you can easily get inside the Skeleton Key Room by going to Olde Town and viewing that place where you can help teams (It's near the Bazaar). Someone might have opened a team and you can quickly join it. You don't need membership to access Skeleton Key Room. You also don't need to unlock any of the zones of Krokotopia. Just do the quest in which Merle Ambrose gives you the key to travel to Krokotopia and you'll have access to Krokotopia.

                                                             JUST READ & WIN

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