03 August, 2016

Immortal's Lore Pack in Wizard101

Epic News Wizards!
Wizard101 has just released it's newest Game Card Pack! It is the Immortal's Lore Pack which gives your wizard awesome items including SPELLS!! It is an Aquilan Themed Pack!!  In my opinion it's a pretty cool pack and it's a MUST BUY cause there is a chance for your Wizard to get cool spells!!

You might get the following items from this pack

  • Hephaestus Spell
  • Queen Calypso Spell
  • Athena Battle Sight Spell
  • Armor Sets, like the Aquilan Gear
  • Weapons, like the Aquilan Lance
  • Mechanical Owl Pet
  • Aquilan House Guests
  • & much more...!
The spells from this pack are reward spells and wizards of any level can use these spells. Those spells will go into your spellbook like any other spell and won't cost you any Training Points either. You can also delete or sell these spells from your spellbook. Caution: DON'T DO THIS :).
                                                                  Hephaestus Spell

                                                         Athena Battle Sight Spell    
                                                       Queen Calypso Spell
Power Pips Immortal's Lore Spells
One more thing, your pips & power pips will be used accordingly. In easy words, it will be just like any other spell in your spellbook and it will use pips & power pips like any other spell. Nothing New.

So what are you waiting for? Get this awesome pack and start collecting these spells and gear for your wizard!!

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