31 August, 2016

My Pirate101 Adventure Finally Begins!!

Ahoy Pirates!!
I'm here to announce that I have finally started Pirate101! Yeah that's right! I began my pirating adventure on 27th Arrgust 2016!!
So from this moment on, i'm a Pirate as well as a Wizard! I loved playing Pirate101 today. I didn't quest a lot but i really liked this game. 

My Pirating Adenture
Now let me share some of my adventures in Pirate101. My first Pirate is a Witch Doctor. And by the way, Witch Doctor is pretty cool! I also got my first companion which is a goat student, Kan Po. But i later got Bonnie Anne. I began my first book and it's first chapter and the latest quest which i did was to defeat Finn Dorsal. I got some cool Witch Doctor Gear. I mean, i love my clothes and hat! I still need to get a hang of this game. I  need to know a lot about this game ;)! However, i loved playing it! Right now i'm level 3 :D with my Witch Doctor. And the badges in this game are awesome. My badge is Armada Eluder :D! Below are some of the images of my pirate adventure!! 

Me and my Companion, Bonnie Anne

I defeated Finn Dorsal! :D
Like i said that my latest quest was to defeat Finn Dorsal. I'll share more of my Pirating Adventures as i quest more in the game!!

Some Website Changes
One more thing, i have changed my website. This is now a Wizard101 AND Pirate101 website/blog. So there will be posts for both games. There are some other changes as well. I have made the changes to celebrate the "Beginning of my Pirate Adventure"! 

Have fun and smooth sailing through the Spiral! :D

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