06 August, 2016

New level 50 Elixir for Wizard101

Wizard101's Test Realm brought lots of cool updates and they have gone live now!!Wizard101 has just introduced the level 50 Elixir!! Just as the name suggests, your Wizard can now instantly reach level 50 by using this Elixir. This Elixir is now available in the crown shop. It was first only available in the Test Realm but it's gone live. The cost for this Elixir is 30,000 crowns. 

The price for this Elixir is OK (if you don't wanna quest or are tired of questing) because it provides our Wizard appropriate gear, pet and mount. The gear is suitable for our level.

What does this elixir mean for our Wizard?
  • Instantly be granted level 50 on one Wizard.
  • All main quests upto and including DragonSpyre will be completed.
  • All trained spells  of the Wizard's school through level 50 will be added to their spell book.
  • A new set of appropriate gear, pet & a mount will be awarded to the character.
  • Additional training spells will be awarded to the character.
  • The access pass for the Survey Camp, Celesta Base Camp, and the Grotto is awarded to your account if you did not already own it.
  • A new quest will be awarded to your quest log.
In simple words, you'll get everything according to level 50 so there's nothing to worry about. Yep, everything is included.

Who qualifies for this Elixir?
  • You must already have a level 50+ Wizard on your account.
  • This Elixir can only be applied to a Wizard below level 50.

What gear will my Wizard get?
  • Advanced School Conical (Hat)
  • Advanced School Boots
  • Advanced School Band (Ring)
  • Advanced School Deck 
  • Advanced School Edge (Athame)
  • Advanced School Robes 
  • Advanced School Wand
  • Level 48 School Pet
  • Enchanted Broom Mount (Permanent)
Is this Elixir really Worth it?
This Elixir costs 30,000 crowns. So if you have plenty of crowns you can get this Elixir. If you are tired of questing, this Elixir is definitely for you. It's up to you if you want to buy this or not. 

What are you waiting for? Grab this Elixir and Start questing in Celestia!! Visit http://www.duelist101.com/other-articles/wizard101-new-level-50-elixir/ for a full list of gear!!

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