31 August, 2016

Website/Blog VERSION 2.0

As you may all know that my website's current version is 1.5.1. But i am now upgrading it to VERSION 2.0. The change is not that major. But there are a few changes. The changes are listed below:-

The changes made to the blog

  • Change of Header.
  • Change Of Background.
  • Addition of Pirate101 posts.
  • Addition of Pirate101 Bloggers Gadget.
  • Addition of other Pirate101 related gadgets.
  • Change of color of the mouse cursor effect.
  • Other Minor Adjustments.
So these were the changes. I hope you like all of the changes. If there is something which does not suit my blog or you think should be changed, then comment your suggestion below.

Thank You,
James LifeMancer.

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James LifeMancer.