19 November, 2016

New Shinobi Bundle in Wizard101

It's time to bring the ninja out of every Wizard out here with this bundle: Shinobi Bundle! If you're a ninja fan, this bundle is definitely for you cause this bundle is loaded with a lot of ninja themed items!!

What's Included with this Bundle?

  • The Shinobi Dojo, a perfect ninja themed house.
  • Shinobi Dragon Mount, the most coolest mount in the spiral. And guess what? It can carry 2 wizards at a time!!
  • The Shinobi Turtle pet, it can be customized in your favorite color. 
  • Shinobi Gear
  • Shinobi Throwing Star weopan, perfect for your ninja themed fighting moves!
  • & 1 month Membership or 5000 Crowns.
So what are you waiting for?? Buy this bundle right away and become the stealthiest ninja out there!

New Mirage Raider's Bundle in Wizard101

A brand new bundle for your Wizard has just arrived in Wizard101 : The Mirage Raider's Bundle! You'll find this amazing Bundle at GameStop stores across United States for $39.

About this Bundle
This bundle is packed with lots and lots of fun items for your Wizard. The Nomad's Camp is really big house with a sunset and a desert type feel. There are merchants which will give our wizards
different stuff. There are a lot of teleporters, which teleport our wizards to different camps.
This house is amazing for people who love deserts, warmth & camps :)!

Super Awesome Items Included with this Bundle
This bundle includes the following items:-

  • Nomad Camp
  • The Desert Racer mount is a pretty cool mount, with a 40% speed boost +2% Power Pip.
  • The Sultan's Monkey comes with a Gargantuan card at Baby, with a starting pedigree of 64.
  • The Mirage Dunerunner's Gear goes up to level 120. It has pretty sweet overall stats.
  • The Desert Lodestar Staff grants our wizard 5% pierce, 61 critical rating and 47 critical block at level 120+, &  may cast Shift Mithraya.
  • 1 month membership or 5000 crowns.

New Celestial Carpet Mount in Wizard101

A NEW MOUNT! Wizard101 has released a new mount for wizards: Celestial Carpet Mount! Wizard101 is celebrating the launch of Mirage with a NEW Celestial Carpet Mount. And yep, it's Permanent. But now, the real question is that: How do we get this mount??

How do i qualify to get this mount? I really want it!
You qualify for the this mount

  • If you have an active Wizard101 Membership on November 29TH, @ 11:59PM CT.
  • If you buy Crowns between November 1ST and November 29TH, 2016 @ 11:59PM CT.
How & When will i receive this amazing mount?
You can recieve your Celestial Carpet Mount (Permanent) by clicking on the Gift Icon and then redeeming it for any one of your Wizards.

 Expect your Mount to fly to your Wizard in Early December.

F.A.Q is available for this mount. Click HERE if you want to read it or if you've got a question.

Have fun while flying with this mount around the Spiral!!

James LifeMancer is BACK Again!!

Hey Wizards and Pirates!
Whoah! I can't believe it. I haven't posted for a looong time but don't worry wizards & pirates cause now i'm back.

I got super busy in fighting evil forces that i couldn't find the time to post here :p. But now that i'm back, i'll start posting as soon as possible.

That's it for now!
-James LifeMancer