19 November, 2016

New Mirage Raider's Bundle in Wizard101

A brand new bundle for your Wizard has just arrived in Wizard101 : The Mirage Raider's Bundle! You'll find this amazing Bundle at GameStop stores across United States for $39.

About this Bundle
This bundle is packed with lots and lots of fun items for your Wizard. The Nomad's Camp is really big house with a sunset and a desert type feel. There are merchants which will give our wizards
different stuff. There are a lot of teleporters, which teleport our wizards to different camps.
This house is amazing for people who love deserts, warmth & camps :)!

Super Awesome Items Included with this Bundle
This bundle includes the following items:-

  • Nomad Camp
  • The Desert Racer mount is a pretty cool mount, with a 40% speed boost +2% Power Pip.
  • The Sultan's Monkey comes with a Gargantuan card at Baby, with a starting pedigree of 64.
  • The Mirage Dunerunner's Gear goes up to level 120. It has pretty sweet overall stats.
  • The Desert Lodestar Staff grants our wizard 5% pierce, 61 critical rating and 47 critical block at level 120+, &  may cast Shift Mithraya.
  • 1 month membership or 5000 crowns.

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