19 November, 2016

New Shinobi Bundle in Wizard101

It's time to bring the ninja out of every Wizard out here with this bundle: Shinobi Bundle! If you're a ninja fan, this bundle is definitely for you cause this bundle is loaded with a lot of ninja themed items!!

What's Included with this Bundle?

  • The Shinobi Dojo, a perfect ninja themed house.
  • Shinobi Dragon Mount, the most coolest mount in the spiral. And guess what? It can carry 2 wizards at a time!!
  • The Shinobi Turtle pet, it can be customized in your favorite color. 
  • Shinobi Gear
  • Shinobi Throwing Star weopan, perfect for your ninja themed fighting moves!
  • & 1 month Membership or 5000 Crowns.
So what are you waiting for?? Buy this bundle right away and become the stealthiest ninja out there!


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James LifeMancer.