31 August, 2016

My Pirate101 Adventure Finally Begins!!

Ahoy Pirates!!
I'm here to announce that I have finally started Pirate101! Yeah that's right! I began my pirating adventure on 27th Arrgust 2016!!
So from this moment on, i'm a Pirate as well as a Wizard! I loved playing Pirate101 today. I didn't quest a lot but i really liked this game. 

My Pirating Adenture
Now let me share some of my adventures in Pirate101. My first Pirate is a Witch Doctor. And by the way, Witch Doctor is pretty cool! I also got my first companion which is a goat student, Kan Po. But i later got Bonnie Anne. I began my first book and it's first chapter and the latest quest which i did was to defeat Finn Dorsal. I got some cool Witch Doctor Gear. I mean, i love my clothes and hat! I still need to get a hang of this game. I  need to know a lot about this game ;)! However, i loved playing it! Right now i'm level 3 :D with my Witch Doctor. And the badges in this game are awesome. My badge is Armada Eluder :D! Below are some of the images of my pirate adventure!! 

Me and my Companion, Bonnie Anne

I defeated Finn Dorsal! :D
Like i said that my latest quest was to defeat Finn Dorsal. I'll share more of my Pirating Adventures as i quest more in the game!!

Some Website Changes
One more thing, i have changed my website. This is now a Wizard101 AND Pirate101 website/blog. So there will be posts for both games. There are some other changes as well. I have made the changes to celebrate the "Beginning of my Pirate Adventure"! 

Have fun and smooth sailing through the Spiral! :D

Website/Blog VERSION 2.0

As you may all know that my website's current version is 1.5.1. But i am now upgrading it to VERSION 2.0. The change is not that major. But there are a few changes. The changes are listed below:-

The changes made to the blog

  • Change of Header.
  • Change Of Background.
  • Addition of Pirate101 posts.
  • Addition of Pirate101 Bloggers Gadget.
  • Addition of other Pirate101 related gadgets.
  • Change of color of the mouse cursor effect.
  • Other Minor Adjustments.
So these were the changes. I hope you like all of the changes. If there is something which does not suit my blog or you think should be changed, then comment your suggestion below.

Thank You,
James LifeMancer.

26 August, 2016

Bundle-A-Palooza in Wizard101

Still deciding whether you should buy a bundle or not? Or can't find the right time to buy it? Well let me tell you something, BUY A BUNDLE RIGHT AWAY cause Wizard101 is celebrating Bundle-A-Palooza!! This means that ALL Wizard101 bundles are back and you can buy them!!  So now through 7th September 2016 it's BUNDLE-A-PALOOZA!! 

You can save 50% or 25% OFF on all Wizard101 bundles!!! 

Bundles At 50% OFF

  • Mega
  • Super
  • Olympian
  • Hive 
  • Hawkrider
  • Atlantean
  • Arcane Builder's
  • Aztecan Builder's
  • Pagoda Gauntlet
Bundles At 25% OFF
  • Epic
  • Majestic
  • Evergreen
  • Polarian's Explorer
  • Dino
  • Prehistoric
  • Mystic Fishing
  • Winterbane Gauntlet
  • Spiral Cup Gauntlet
Bundles contain awesome stuff for your Wizard! It is always packed with loads of awesome stuff including crowns and membership!!

But hurry up, this Palooza is not here forever. You have till 7th September 2016 to buy these bundles!! Click the image below to SHOP BUNDLES RIGHT AWAY!!

Discounts are not applicable for gift certificates.

22 August, 2016

House-A-Palooza in Wizard101

Are you a pro-decorater in Wizard101? Well if you love decorating, now is the right time to begin your decorating!! Yep, that's right, House-A-Palooza is back in Wizard101 and

House-A-Palooza Specials

  • New school themed furniture sets- Fire, Myth, Storm, Balance, Life, Ice and Death. Winterbane Hall & Mid-night Sun Pagoda are back for a limited time with 25% OFF!
  • Emperors Attic Pack + Housing Elixers
  • Baddle of the Bands + Tanglewood Terror and One Shot Dungeons
  • Select Games and Multi-Fishing Tank
  • Build a Castle Medieval Set
To celebrate House-A-Palooza, you can redeem a Emperors Attic Pack for your Wizard!!
Click on the image below to redeem your free item!! So Redeem your pack and START DECORATING!!!! 

Click NORDIC CHAMPION for a full list of furniture sets!!

21 August, 2016

Back to School Event (Recap)

Hey Wizards!!!!
I just attended an amazing event hosted by Edward LifeGem!! It was a "Back To School" event because schools are just about to begin!! It was a pretty cool event with lots of fun things and activities!!
The event was hosted on 13th August, Saturday at 4:00PM CST. I attended this event along with a lot of other players as well!! This event took place in Ravenwood, Vampire Realm!!

I was just about to begin questing with my low level Life Wizard when i suddenly saw Edward LifeGem & Autumn DreamWalker!! I got super excited and asked them whether they were the real ones or not. And they were the real ones!! I added Autumn but i wasn't able to add Edward with his Life Wizard. But he added me with his Fire Wizard.

I arrived early at the event. But minute after minute, more and more people were coming!! Soon it got very crowded.  *MORE DESCRIPTION BELOW :)*

Scroll down and look at the amazing moments of this event!!

Everyone standing in a line together!!

Wizards are starting to arrive to attend the event.

Random Picture

Random Picture with Autumn

Random Picture with Edward LifeGem

I was really happy to meet Autumn and Edward so i took some pictures with them. I was also very happy to add them!!

Ready, Set, GO!!  Ravenwood Run.
Oh No! Wait for me guys!!

Ravenwood Run! Ahead of Edward ;D
These were the moments in Ravenwood. After doing this really cool run, everyone equipped their favorite mounts. Then we teleported to Edward's house where there were a lot of games, musical instruments, housing gauntlets and PvP!!

We arrive at the house.

Group Photo
Group Photo
Now that the event was kinda over, everyone started to do different stuff like playing the musical instruments and PvPing etc.
PvP, The Ultimate Battle Begins...

That's gotta hurt!! Ow!

A Happy Ending!
Whoah! Just realized that i posted a lot of pictures!
There were Housing Games, PvPs, Runs and much more fun activities!!
Anyway it was a great event hosted by Edward LifeGem and co-hosted by Autumn DreamWalker! This was a kind of a minor event. The major event, The Halloween Run, also hosted by Edward Lifegem is coming in October!! Make sure you attend that event too!!

Thanks for hosting this event Edward!! :D

06 August, 2016

New level 50 Elixir for Wizard101

Wizard101's Test Realm brought lots of cool updates and they have gone live now!!Wizard101 has just introduced the level 50 Elixir!! Just as the name suggests, your Wizard can now instantly reach level 50 by using this Elixir. This Elixir is now available in the crown shop. It was first only available in the Test Realm but it's gone live. The cost for this Elixir is 30,000 crowns. 

The price for this Elixir is OK (if you don't wanna quest or are tired of questing) because it provides our Wizard appropriate gear, pet and mount. The gear is suitable for our level.

What does this elixir mean for our Wizard?
  • Instantly be granted level 50 on one Wizard.
  • All main quests upto and including DragonSpyre will be completed.
  • All trained spells  of the Wizard's school through level 50 will be added to their spell book.
  • A new set of appropriate gear, pet & a mount will be awarded to the character.
  • Additional training spells will be awarded to the character.
  • The access pass for the Survey Camp, Celesta Base Camp, and the Grotto is awarded to your account if you did not already own it.
  • A new quest will be awarded to your quest log.
In simple words, you'll get everything according to level 50 so there's nothing to worry about. Yep, everything is included.

Who qualifies for this Elixir?
  • You must already have a level 50+ Wizard on your account.
  • This Elixir can only be applied to a Wizard below level 50.

What gear will my Wizard get?
  • Advanced School Conical (Hat)
  • Advanced School Boots
  • Advanced School Band (Ring)
  • Advanced School Deck 
  • Advanced School Edge (Athame)
  • Advanced School Robes 
  • Advanced School Wand
  • Level 48 School Pet
  • Enchanted Broom Mount (Permanent)
Is this Elixir really Worth it?
This Elixir costs 30,000 crowns. So if you have plenty of crowns you can get this Elixir. If you are tired of questing, this Elixir is definitely for you. It's up to you if you want to buy this or not. 

What are you waiting for? Grab this Elixir and Start questing in Celestia!! Visit http://www.duelist101.com/other-articles/wizard101-new-level-50-elixir/ for a full list of gear!!

04 August, 2016

Guide to Battling Ra in Wizard101


Hi Wizards! Here is my new (& First) guide! If you want to know or discover the Skeleton Key Room in Krokotopia, just keep scrolling down!!

Who is "Ra"?
Ra is a rank 4, balance school boss. He is located in Krokotopia- Hall of Doors- Skeleton Key Room.
But if you want to battle with him, you'll require a "Wooden Skeleton Key". It can be acquired by fighting various bosses.

                          Glance at the Stats Of Ra 
Ra at a Glance
School: Balance
Rank: 4
Health: 3750
Resist: 60% to Balance
Boost: 10% to Myth, Life & Death
Stunnable: No
Minions: Hu the Commander, Heka the Haruspect & Sia the Perceiver 

  • "Let's accelerate this contest."- At the beginning of the first round, Ra casts Power Play.
  • "Accuracy is such a Fickle Thing."- During the first four rounds of the duel, Ra will either cast Precision or Black Mantle on the Player or cheat cast Balance versions of Guidance or Smoke Screens on his allies.
  • "Let's Balance things out a bit"- Ra casts Amplify on everyone on the battlefield, including the players. Four rounds after doing this, he does the same cheat again but with Fortify.
Known Spells which Ra Casts

These are the KNOWN SPELLS which Ra casts. It pretty much gives you an idea that how powerful this boss is. In my opinion, not that much. UNLESS you're a low level wizard (below level 22).

What should be my strategy? Can i Solo it?
The Strategy is simple. Use blades and charms first. Then go for full attack. Or you can also keep attacking. However, low level wizards cannot solo this dungeon. You should be level 22+. And don't try to solo it if you're below level 45. And make sure you bring along a few friends to make the fight a bit easier.

The Opponents
There are 4 opponents in the dungeon. Ra (Rank 4 Boss, Balance), Hu The Commander (Rank 3 Elite, Fire), Heka The Heruspect (Rank 3 Elite, Myth) & Sia The Perceiver (Rank 3 Elite, Life). All opponents have 1000+ health so be careful. I've mentioned the school of each opponent too! They don't use that much strong spells but beware, it's not that easy either. They keep healing each other.

What does Ra drop for our Wizard?
Drops? We love drops!! Yep, Ra drops Krokotopian themed items. The items which Ra drops are Robes, Hats, Boots, Jewels, Reagents, Pets, Mounts, Wands & Staffs, Seeds, Treasure Cards, Snacks and Housing Items. However, Ra does not drop Athames, Rings, Amulets & Decks.

Ra drops crown items as well. It drops pretty cool mounts like the Mander Palanquin, Camel & Crokagator. It also drops a few horses like the Starlight Pony. For full list of the drops visit this site: http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Creature:Ra#axzz4GGtVpoKp.

The Cool Things i got from Ra!
My Camel Mount which i got from Ra!!

I'm wearing the gear i got from Ra. Look at the housing behind!! I got them from Ra too!

Showing an awesome spell which did 6185 damage to Ra! He's FINISHED!!
I love duels and stuff and farming various bosses to get all those cool gear which are unique to specific bosses!! I hope this guide helped you in defeating Ra and collecting all of its Gear!!

PRO-TIP: If you have access to Krokotopia, you can easily get inside the Skeleton Key Room by going to Olde Town and viewing that place where you can help teams (It's near the Bazaar). Someone might have opened a team and you can quickly join it. You don't need membership to access Skeleton Key Room. You also don't need to unlock any of the zones of Krokotopia. Just do the quest in which Merle Ambrose gives you the key to travel to Krokotopia and you'll have access to Krokotopia.

                                                             JUST READ & WIN

03 August, 2016

Immortal's Lore Pack in Wizard101

Epic News Wizards!
Wizard101 has just released it's newest Game Card Pack! It is the Immortal's Lore Pack which gives your wizard awesome items including SPELLS!! It is an Aquilan Themed Pack!!  In my opinion it's a pretty cool pack and it's a MUST BUY cause there is a chance for your Wizard to get cool spells!!

You might get the following items from this pack

  • Hephaestus Spell
  • Queen Calypso Spell
  • Athena Battle Sight Spell
  • Armor Sets, like the Aquilan Gear
  • Weapons, like the Aquilan Lance
  • Mechanical Owl Pet
  • Aquilan House Guests
  • & much more...!
The spells from this pack are reward spells and wizards of any level can use these spells. Those spells will go into your spellbook like any other spell and won't cost you any Training Points either. You can also delete or sell these spells from your spellbook. Caution: DON'T DO THIS :).
                                                                  Hephaestus Spell

                                                         Athena Battle Sight Spell    
                                                       Queen Calypso Spell
Power Pips Immortal's Lore Spells
One more thing, your pips & power pips will be used accordingly. In easy words, it will be just like any other spell in your spellbook and it will use pips & power pips like any other spell. Nothing New.

So what are you waiting for? Get this awesome pack and start collecting these spells and gear for your wizard!!