10 December, 2016

Holiday Items Return in Pirate101

Ahoy Pirates!
The super awesome Holiday Items return in Pirate101!! Yuletide is finally here in Skull Island & it's time for your Pirates to get decked out with their favorite gear, companions and much much more!!

Some Changes for the Holidays

  • If you qualify for a Multiplayer Chest, there is a chance you'll get holiday chest instead full of Holiday Loot for your Pirate.
  • Present Boxes are spread throughout Skull Island, full of Holiday Surprises.
  • Visit Major Flagstaff, in the back of the bazaar, for some Holiday themed Ship Emblems and Backgrounds.
  • & Festive Holiday loading screens ;)!

Seasonal Items that are back in the Crown Shop!
The following items have returned in the Crown Shop:

  • Seaspray Beluga Ships
  • Polaris Express Mount, Reindeer Mount & Candy Cane Mounts
  • Holiday Pets like the Snowfall Fawn, Yuletide Shark, Sky Candy Cane Dragon and more!
  • Holiday Companions like the Holly Jolly Roger, Holiday Treant, Yule Trogg and others.
  • Holiday Weapons
  • Crystal Face Paint and SnowFlake Eye Patch
  • Yuletide Housing Items!
So now is the right time to buy all of your favorite Holiday Themed items! So what are you waiting for? Visit the Crown Shop right away!!

It's Time for Yuletide in Wizard101

Holidays, Holidays & once again Holidays!
That's right, Yuletide is finally here in Wizard101! Felix Navidad returns with all of his Holiday Themed Items plus some of your favorite items from Yuletide pasts are back in the Crown Shop!

The Holiday Items which Return are...

  • Holiday Mystery Fish Returns
  • Holiday Decorations return
  • Festive Mounts are back
  • Holiday Pets Return
  • Winter & Yuletide Packs are back
  • The "12 Days of the Spiral" returns 

  • Time to visit the Crown Shop & buy these amazing items! Hurry up Wizards! These items are here only for the Holidays!

    09 December, 2016

    12 Days Of The Spiral--Wizard101 & Pirate101

    Finally... the best time of the year for both Pirates and Wizards!
    The special "12 Days Of The Spiral" return with lots of fun surprises and gifts for our Wizards and Pirates!!

    The 12 Days of the Spiral
    From 8th December 2016 through 20th December 2016, KingsIsle is celebrating 12 Days of the Spiral!! Each day, there will be a brand new surprise for both Wizards and Pirates. The Surprises include Free giveaways, Promotions, New items and much more! So make sure you check out each morning for a new surprise. Click the image above to check out the "12 Days of the Spiral"!

    And make sure you check out my website (This Website) because i'll be posting about each day of the Spiral.

    Until Next Time,
    Have fun in the Spiral!!