29 December, 2017

I'll be BACK in April 2018

Hey there Wizards!

First of all, let me say that I'm really sorry that i wasn't able to celebrate my first blogoversary and also I haven't been posting on this website for the past 6 MONTHS. I just got a little busy...

BUT I have GOOD news as well as BAD news....What you want to hear first??

The Good News is that I'm back and I'll be continuing posting on this website! And there's more... I'm thinking about hosting some events in Wizard101 in 2018! Isn't that great? Stay tuned for further information. And that's pretty much the Good News.

The Bad News is that I will not be posting on this website for the next 2 months (February, March) because I'll be super busy. But don't worry, I'll be back in APRIL and start posting again and playing Wizard101! I'll try to host a few events too!

That's all for now. Don't think that I've stopped playing this amazing game or if I've stopped posting on this website. I love the game and the community and I'll try to contribute to it even more!

13 June, 2017

Launching into YouTube/ My YouTube Channel

Hey there!

I've been blogging for almost a year now (my first blogoversary is next month) and I've been thinking about starting to make YouTube videos. Because by making YouTube videos I'll be able to contribute to the Wizard101 community even more and it will also be great for all the guides I'll write for Wizard101.

My YouTube Channel
So today, I've launched my YouTube channel: James LifeMancer! Although making YouTube videos is not my main thing, blogging is my main thing, I'll still try to make a few YouTube videos each month. Click on the image below to view my YouTube Channel:

My YouTube channel is currently in its testing phase so right now I'm using the free version of Bandicam to record Wizard101 videos. Once I'll get the hang of it, I'll either get the full version or use another software to record better videos.

My Reason To Start A YouTube Channel
The reason why I made a YouTube channel is because it will help me in making guides for Wizard101 and it will also be a useful tool to record any Wizard101 events. It will also help me contribute to the community even more.

My First Video
Below you can watch my very first video on YouTube! It's basically a very small tour of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in a twisted way. As you can see that my character is GLITCHED which makes this video kind of funny and interesting.

Video Character
I've created my very own Video Character. I'll be using this character to record YouTube videos. Unique thing about him is that he's completely dressed in Dragoon's gear. So you'll notice him wherever he is. (Whoops! Other wizards also have Dragoon's Gear).

His name is the same: James LifeMancer!

Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for more videos about Wizard101! Click HERE to view my YouTube Channel! 

Have fun and see you in the Spiral!
Introducing...Video Character: James LifeMancer! Woot! :D

02 June, 2017

Wizard101: The New Avalon Outlaw's Bundle

Wizard101 has officially released the Avalon Outlaw's Bundle. This is the latest game-card for Wizard101 and it is loaded with lots of interesting items. In this post, I'll completely review this bundle and give you an in-depth view of the bundle so you have a better understanding of the items that are included with this bundle.

Avalon Outlaw's Bundle Overview
Available at: Gamestop
Cost: $39
Items Included:

  • Outlaw's Refuge (House)
  • Vulpine Avenger Mount (Mount)
  • Fairfly Pet (Pet)
  • Dashing Outlaw Gear (Head-to-toe Gear)
  • Ranger's Marksman Bow (Weapon/Wand)
  • 1 Month Membership OR 5000 Crowns

Outlaw's Refuge House

The Avalon Outlaw's Refuge is a basically a massive treehouse with tons of trees, various rooms and a lot of secret passageways. There is a catapult which will definitely keep intruders out of your house. There is even a dragon which gives us daily rewards. Fishing is also available in this Avalon themed house.

The house is spacious and it has a lot of tunnels, secret passageways and interconnected rooms which makes it perfect for parties and hide-and-seek games. Swordroll even did a full tour of the house. You can watch the full video below!

Vulpine Avenger Mount
The Vulpine Avenger Mount is the newest stat-boosting mount. So if you're collecting the stat-boosting mounts, this mount is definitely for you. The Vulpine Avenger mount comes with a 40% speed boost and a 2% piercing bonus. This furry little friend is of perfect size and will be a great addition to your mount collection.

Fairfly Pet
The fairfly pet is a magical pet with a very enchanting and magical look. It is obtainable via hatching. This pet has a starting pedigree of 70 and comes with a fairy card at baby. It is a life school pet.

Dashing Outlaw Gear and Marksman Bow
The gear in this bundle is pretty cool. With that iconic Robin-hood look, it is also loaded with new spells and stats. Stats for level 120+ are given below.

The stats are really great and the look of the gear is also awesome. The hat gives wizards the Acuity spell. It provides a 20% accuracy boost to all friends and 25% plus 5% piercing. The robes gives us the Spirit Armor for 600 damage. The boots gives wizards a charm, Double Steal Charm, in which we can steal two positive charms from the enemy.

The Marksman Bow mainly focuses on attack and comes with 2 cards and 1 May-cast spell. The new may-cast spell is called Outlaw's Courtesy that causes the enemy to lose 3 pips and the caster to gain three pips. Another video by Swordroll in which he shows all of the stats of all the gear. Watch it below!

So if you love Avalon, this bundle is definitely for you. Share your thoughts and views about this bundle in the comments section below!


01 June, 2017

Adding Disqus to Blog, Changing blog design (YES/NO?)

Hey there!
I just wanted to update you all about my blog. I've recently added Disqus to this blog. Disqus makes it easier for users to comment and it's a great tool!

Now you all can comment pictures & videos. Isn't that great? But I'm still new to Disqus and there is a lot of work to be done because Disqus is not working with the pages right now. If anyone knows how to solve this problem email me through the Contact Form. 

And also tell me (by emailing or commenting below) that should I use Disqus on this blog or should I remove it? Tell me as soon as possible :).

And I was also thinking about changing the design of my blog. It should be more better and unique. What do you think about the design of my blog? Should I change it or not? Tell me in the comments below or email me. 

And if you have any suggestions about the design of my blog, please tell me. That's all for now Wizards!
-James LifeMancer.

20 May, 2017

Activities for Max Level Wizards in Wizard101

 After completing all the quests in Wizard101, most wizards wonder. "Now What?". The answer to their question is here! In this post I'll tell you What to do NEXT in Wizard101!

After finishing the game and becoming a "Champion" wizard, most people stop playing the game just because they think that it is now boring. In fact, there is tons to do in Wizard101 even after finishing the game! Many activitites are available which will keep Max level wizards busy in Wizard101. There is so much to do, I don't even know where to start :D!

13 May, 2017

EverClicker Launches Worldwide!

KingsIsle has launched its latest mobile game: EverClicker! Let's talk about this amazing mobile game by KingsIsle!

About EverClicker
As you all may already that this is the latest mobile game by KingsIsle. EverClicker is actually similar to Wizard101 and Pirate101. It is a 3D game in which we have to defeat monsters (by clicking or tapping of course) and save different worlds. A villian named the Star Devourer eats the stars and darkens the worlds. And we, the heroes, must save these worlds by collecting the Stars from the Star Devourer and restoring light to the worlds. Exciting right?!

Play EverClicker
You can download EverClicker for free (in-game purchases optional) on Android, iOS or Amazon. Click the links below to access those downloads:

Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KingsIsle.Ever
iOS: itunes.apple.com/app/everclicker/id1061707400
Amazon: www.amazon.com/KingsIsle-Entertainment-Inc-EverClicker/dp/B01CIH2L1S

Earn Crowns for Clicking!
You can earn crowns for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 for clicking (for playing EverClicker)! 
  • Collect 1 Star for 200 Crowns.
  • Collect 4 Stars for 800 Crowns.
In total, you can earn 1000 Crowns for playing EverClicker. You will recieve a code which you can then redeem for these Crowns. Click HERE for information!

EverClicker Helpful Links
  1. EverClicker Main Site
  2. EverClicker Facebook
  3. EverClicker Twitter
  4. EverClicker YouTube
  5. EverClicker Google+

If you hear anyone getting stuck in game, remember this piece of advice from EverClicker's Support Page: http://www.everclicker.com/support

If you have anyone questions or concerns regarding the game or accounts, please send an email to:

I hope you all enjoy EverClicker!! :D

12 May, 2017

Plant-A-Palooza in Wizard101

Another Palooza is here: The Plant-A-Palooza!! Wizard101 is currently celebrating this super-green Palooza through May 14th, 2017! Now through May 14th, 2017 enjoy Plant-A-Palooza and fulfill all your gardening needs! A perfect palooza for wizards who love Gardening!

The prices of the seeds and gardening items has been reduced. Wizards can enjoy a sale of upto 50% OFF on seeds & gardening items.


  • Farley Gardening Pack
  • Seeds
  • Red Barn Farm (House)
  • Botanical Gardens (House)
  • Seed Vault
  • Gardening Items
  • & more..!
Don't miss out on this green sale!! Because it's only here till May 14th, 2017! 

Everyone loves giveaways right?! Guess what! There is also a free giveaway for this Palooza. 
Get a free mystery seed with a chance at an ultra seed or jewel blossom! But hurry! This offer ends on May 14th, 2017 at 11:59 US Central Time. Only one free gift per account.

Click on the image below to redeem your free item!!


02 May, 2017

Five B.O.X.E.S Event in Wizard101

The Five B.O.X.E.S Event is back in Wizard101. This event is available till May 14th, 2017.
Let's discuss the Five B.O.X.E.S event!

What is the Five B.O.X.E.S event?
Whenever the Five B.O.X.E.S event begins, wizards will notice Five Telegraph boxes in five different worlds in Wizard101. Wizards can enter the Telegraph Box and defeat various bosses to earn unique loot, badges and more!
To begin the Five B.O.X.E.S quest you need to speak to the Professor in each world where the Telegraph Box is present.

What is the Telegraph Box?
The Telegraph Box is basically a dungeon in which you have to defeat various bosses. Telegraph Boxes are located in different worlds around the Spiral. Wizards can gain unique loot, treasure cards and more by farming these Boxes!

Five B.O.X.E.S event Trailer

Where Do I Start?
  • If you are level 10th or above, Talk to the Professor in the Wizard City Commons.
  • If you are level 30th or above, Talk to the Professor in Marleybone's Regent's Square
  • If you are level 40th or above, Talk to the Professor in MooShu Jade Palace
  • If you are level 60th or above, Talk to the Professor in Zafaria's Baobab Crossroads.
  • If you are level 80th or above, Talk to the Professor in Avalon's Caliburn.
Badges earned from Five B.O.X.E.S Event
Badge earned from Wizard City

Badge earned from Marleybone

Badge earned from MooShu

Badge earned from Zafaria

Badge earned from Avalon

Badge earned upon completing all of the Five B.O.X.E.S

Craftable Mounts
We can buy the recipe for two craftable mounts from a recipe vendor found in the telegraph box. What are the mounts? What is the recipe? & what are the prices? See for yourself :D!

We can gain cool loot from these boxes. Most of the drops are usually from the Wyvern Hoard Pack. 
You only obtain the gear which is appropriate for your wizard's level. We can gain
  • Hats, Robes and Boots
  • Wands
  • Pets
  • Treasure Cards
  • Housing Items
  • Seeds
  • Reagents
  • & More...

I've summed up most of the things about the Five B.O.X.E.S event. I hope this post gives you the main information about the Five B.O.X.E.S event. 
Comment below and tell me what you think about this event! :D

29 April, 2017

Mount-A-Palooza is back!

Now is the perfect time to buy your favorite mounts wizards!The amazing Mount-A-Palooza is back in Wizard101! You heard it right! This means that all of the permanent mounts in Wizard101 are on sale. You can save up to 67% OFF Crowns for any mount you buy!


  • Save up to 67% OFF Crowns prices of permanent mounts.
  • A brand new mount has been introduced... the Pennyfarthing
  • Limited time return and sale off 30% on select Prepaid Card Mounts.

But don't waste time because this special sale is for a limited time only. Mount-A-Palooza ENDS Sunday, 30th April 2017 at 11:59 US Central Time. So check out all of these cool mounts on sale and buy them right away!

14 April, 2017

Wizard101 Major Update: Monstrology, Mostrodome & More!

Wizard101 has released a Major Update for Wizard101. And yes, Mostrology goes LIVE! A lot of new things have been added and this update definitely enhances your Wizarding experience in Wizard101. Let's move on and discuss all those awesome things that have been added in Wizard101 as of April 2017.

Now you can capture the "Animus" of monsters through the magic of Monstrology! Wizards level 12 and above should visit Mostrologist Burke across from the Myth School in Ravenwood to take on the quest "Know Thine Enemy" for an introduction to the new Monstrology system in Wizard101.

Wizards will begin their Monstrology by first extracting the Animus from Lost Soul in Unicorn Way. Mostrologist Burke also gives wizards a new spell which helps us to capture the Animus of the Undead. Animus of monsters can then be used in many ways.

  • We can use Animus to create Summon Monster Treasure Cards.
  • Create house guests for our castles.
  • OR Create powerful Expel Monster Treasure Cards for non-boss enemies.
We can earn badges for collecting and extracting enemies! 


Press "T" in-game to access your Monstrology Tome.

Along with the new Monstrology system also comes the new Monstrodome! The Monstrodome is an interact-able item you either purchase from the Crown Shop or craft. You can add your minion summoning treasure cards to your Monstrodome and invite friends to come and duel your devious collection of monsters from withing your player housing.                   You can interact with the Monstrodome just like any other interact-able item in your house.

Skeleton Key Bosses
It's time to face off against all new three Skeleton Key Bosses!

Find Sapoti in the Hall of Doors in Krokotopia (Wooden Skeleton Key Boss).

Find Captain Hockins in Zafaria's Waterfront (Stone Skeleton Key Boss).

Find Mirage's Verboten Mimic in Aggrobah near the river area. (Gold Skeleton Key Boss).

Unique loot is waiting in these dungeons! Give them a try and see what your Wizard gets.

New Level 118 Pets 
The Arcanum Scholars have a new quest for Wizards who are level 118. You can now get the brand new Level 118 School Pets in Wizard101. 

Aquila Fishing
New fish (and treasure chests) can be found along the coast of Aquila. Time for some fishing eh?

Jewel Vault

The Jewel Vault works similarly to the Seed Vault, but for Jewels. You place your Jewel Vault in your house, click on it to open it. From here you can transfer the extra jewels to your vault. A crafting recipe for Jewel Vault is also available from Toshio.

Other Changes & Updates

I hope you all enjoy this brand new update. Share your thoughts, views & opinions in the comments below!

13 April, 2017

Professor's Hoard Pack in Wizard101

Wizard101 has just released a new pack for Wizards: Professor's Hoard Pack! This is one of the best & coolest pack ever & believe it or not, you can now actually emulate your favorite professor with this pack. Players have a chance to get complete gear sets from their favorite professors - one from each school. How about we discuss the items that we can obtain from this pack?

This pack includes:

  • 7 Different School Professor's Gear Sets
  • 7 Cast Symbol Mounts
  • 7 Headmaster's Staffs with maycast spells
  • Owl Protégé Pet
  • And much more!!
This pack is priced at 399 crowns and gives you 7 items when you buy it.

Give this amazing pack a try by buying this pack
from the Crown Shop right away and see what your Wizard gets! This pack is definitely a must-have. Time to become a PROFESSOR!

11 April, 2017

Spring Festival 2017--Wizard101

Spring is finnally here and you know what that means... Spring Festival in Wizard101! Each year Wizard101 celebrates this amazing Spring Festival in which all those amazing items are back in the Crown Shop. And as always, Eggbert returns with all those Spring items that we can buy and enjoy!
Read below to know more.

Eggbert in the Shopping District
Eggbert return in the Shopping District by the fountain with all the Spring Items. Visit him to buy the seasonal items!

Pets are Back!
The three new pets from last year have returned in Wizard101: Dreamy Baaterfly, Energetic Baaterfly and Harmonious Baaterfly! You can get these pets during Spring Festival so buy them right away!

The Stormrider Mount is BACK!You can also buy this special mount or obtain it as a drop from specific bosses. But remember, you can only obtain this mount during the Spring festivities and only from bosses that are level-appropriate to your Wizard. This is an amazing chance for your Wizard to get this mount. Read Prospector Zeke's post to know which bosses to farm at your current level.

Seasonal and Spring Fish
The Eggshell fish have returned for the Spring Festival: Black Eggshell Fish (Death School Fish), Blue Eggshell Fish (Life School Fish), & the Yellow Eggshell Fish (Myth School Fish).

The Springfish is also back. This Storm fish is only available in the Spiral during the Spring Festival. Catch it before it floats away!

So now that you know much about this amazing Spring Festival, go and have some fun in the Spiral and enjoy this awesome Festival!!

03 April, 2017

NEW Level 118 School Pets in Wizard101

Hello Wizards!!
I know that this post was supposed to be published a long time ago but i just couldn't find the time for it. But now let's get to the topic.

KingsIsle Live has unveiled Level 118 School Pets in Wizard101. Now let us discuss the pets that have been unveiled so far. One pet for each school has been revealed.

  • The Raincore is a cute pet for Diviners (Storm School).

  • The Kookabura is the pet for the Life School. It kind of looks like a pet for the Ice School but no, it is a pet for the Life School. 

  • The Ghulture is the new pet for the Necromancers.
  • The Opposum is the pet for Balance Wizards.

  • The Raging Bull is the brand new pet for Pyromancers (Fire School) and it one of my personal favorites because it is so cool!
  • The Borealis Golem is the new pet for Ice Wizards.
  • The Wandering Eyes is the new pet for the Myth School. Creepy pet right?

I've summed up the brand new pets for each school in Wizard101. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!