29 March, 2017

Questing with my Storm Wizard

Hey Wizards!!
First of all, sorry that I've not been blogging for the past 3 months. But now i'm back. Let me tell you all what I've been doing in Wizard101 lately.
I was questing my Storm Wizard! I have already quested with most of my wizards but i realized that i did not level up with my Storm Wizard! So i started questing with my Storm Wizard from the beginning!

I know that many of you may already know what the quests at the start of the game are all about, but let's just talk about them anyway!
Our first quest takes place at Unicorn Way. We have to defeat the ghosts, skeleton pirates, dark fairies and every type of foe that roams the streets of Unicorn Way. Unicorn Way took me back to the time when i first started the game. What an experience it was! The boss i had fun battling with was Rattlebones!
Battle with Rattlebones!
Rattlebones is a great boss to fight with actually. I mean he drops Rattlebones Duels (Master Duel etc). I went in to fight with Rattlebones with plenty of high level friends!
Rattlebones about to DIE!!

Then i soloed my way through the rest of the quests and side-quests as well! Quest, Quest, Quest... TRITON AVENUE! Whew! I finally reached Triton Avenue and i soloed it. I forgot to take screenshots of my adventures in Triton Avenue! 

Then it was turn for the Firecat Alley! Gretta gave me a tough time in Firecat Alley, by continuously giving me quests to defeat the foes in Firecat Alley and collect different stuff!
A nice picture with  a great friend, SKELETAL WARRIOR!!
Then i had to remove the curse from the Fire Elves by defeating Alicane Swiftfarrow in FireGlobe Theater.  
After finishing all of the quests in Firecat Alley, i quickly moved on to Cyclops Lane. In Cyclops Lane almost every foe and bad guy is of Myth School. And my Storm School is super effective with Myth School so every Storm Spell i cast, it was a boost. This gave me an edge over soloing my way through Cyclops Lane.

Questing in Cyclops Lane!
I have finished most of the side-quests and now it is time for me to move on to Colossus Boulevard. But i still haven't started my adventures in Colossus Boulevard. Right now i have to defeat Lord Nightshade in Haunted Cave. Anyways here is a final look of my Storm Wizard as of today! 
The final look of my Storm Wizard!
That's all for now! Keep an eye out for my blog for more posts related to Wizard101 because now i'm back! 
Until Next Time,