29 April, 2017

Mount-A-Palooza is back!

Now is the perfect time to buy your favorite mounts wizards!The amazing Mount-A-Palooza is back in Wizard101! You heard it right! This means that all of the permanent mounts in Wizard101 are on sale. You can save up to 67% OFF Crowns for any mount you buy!


  • Save up to 67% OFF Crowns prices of permanent mounts.
  • A brand new mount has been introduced... the Pennyfarthing
  • Limited time return and sale off 30% on select Prepaid Card Mounts.

But don't waste time because this special sale is for a limited time only. Mount-A-Palooza ENDS Sunday, 30th April 2017 at 11:59 US Central Time. So check out all of these cool mounts on sale and buy them right away!

14 April, 2017

Wizard101 Major Update: Monstrology, Mostrodome & More!

Wizard101 has released a Major Update for Wizard101. And yes, Mostrology goes LIVE! A lot of new things have been added and this update definitely enhances your Wizarding experience in Wizard101. Let's move on and discuss all those awesome things that have been added in Wizard101 as of April 2017.

Now you can capture the "Animus" of monsters through the magic of Monstrology! Wizards level 12 and above should visit Mostrologist Burke across from the Myth School in Ravenwood to take on the quest "Know Thine Enemy" for an introduction to the new Monstrology system in Wizard101.

Wizards will begin their Monstrology by first extracting the Animus from Lost Soul in Unicorn Way. Mostrologist Burke also gives wizards a new spell which helps us to capture the Animus of the Undead. Animus of monsters can then be used in many ways.

  • We can use Animus to create Summon Monster Treasure Cards.
  • Create house guests for our castles.
  • OR Create powerful Expel Monster Treasure Cards for non-boss enemies.
We can earn badges for collecting and extracting enemies! 


Press "T" in-game to access your Monstrology Tome.

Along with the new Monstrology system also comes the new Monstrodome! The Monstrodome is an interact-able item you either purchase from the Crown Shop or craft. You can add your minion summoning treasure cards to your Monstrodome and invite friends to come and duel your devious collection of monsters from withing your player housing.                   You can interact with the Monstrodome just like any other interact-able item in your house.

Skeleton Key Bosses
It's time to face off against all new three Skeleton Key Bosses!

Find Sapoti in the Hall of Doors in Krokotopia (Wooden Skeleton Key Boss).

Find Captain Hockins in Zafaria's Waterfront (Stone Skeleton Key Boss).

Find Mirage's Verboten Mimic in Aggrobah near the river area. (Gold Skeleton Key Boss).

Unique loot is waiting in these dungeons! Give them a try and see what your Wizard gets.

New Level 118 Pets 
The Arcanum Scholars have a new quest for Wizards who are level 118. You can now get the brand new Level 118 School Pets in Wizard101. 

Aquila Fishing
New fish (and treasure chests) can be found along the coast of Aquila. Time for some fishing eh?

Jewel Vault

The Jewel Vault works similarly to the Seed Vault, but for Jewels. You place your Jewel Vault in your house, click on it to open it. From here you can transfer the extra jewels to your vault. A crafting recipe for Jewel Vault is also available from Toshio.

Other Changes & Updates

I hope you all enjoy this brand new update. Share your thoughts, views & opinions in the comments below!

13 April, 2017

Professor's Hoard Pack in Wizard101

Wizard101 has just released a new pack for Wizards: Professor's Hoard Pack! This is one of the best & coolest pack ever & believe it or not, you can now actually emulate your favorite professor with this pack. Players have a chance to get complete gear sets from their favorite professors - one from each school. How about we discuss the items that we can obtain from this pack?

This pack includes:

  • 7 Different School Professor's Gear Sets
  • 7 Cast Symbol Mounts
  • 7 Headmaster's Staffs with maycast spells
  • Owl Protégé Pet
  • And much more!!
This pack is priced at 399 crowns and gives you 7 items when you buy it.

Give this amazing pack a try by buying this pack
from the Crown Shop right away and see what your Wizard gets! This pack is definitely a must-have. Time to become a PROFESSOR!

11 April, 2017

Spring Festival 2017--Wizard101

Spring is finnally here and you know what that means... Spring Festival in Wizard101! Each year Wizard101 celebrates this amazing Spring Festival in which all those amazing items are back in the Crown Shop. And as always, Eggbert returns with all those Spring items that we can buy and enjoy!
Read below to know more.

Eggbert in the Shopping District
Eggbert return in the Shopping District by the fountain with all the Spring Items. Visit him to buy the seasonal items!

Pets are Back!
The three new pets from last year have returned in Wizard101: Dreamy Baaterfly, Energetic Baaterfly and Harmonious Baaterfly! You can get these pets during Spring Festival so buy them right away!

The Stormrider Mount is BACK!You can also buy this special mount or obtain it as a drop from specific bosses. But remember, you can only obtain this mount during the Spring festivities and only from bosses that are level-appropriate to your Wizard. This is an amazing chance for your Wizard to get this mount. Read Prospector Zeke's post to know which bosses to farm at your current level.

Seasonal and Spring Fish
The Eggshell fish have returned for the Spring Festival: Black Eggshell Fish (Death School Fish), Blue Eggshell Fish (Life School Fish), & the Yellow Eggshell Fish (Myth School Fish).

The Springfish is also back. This Storm fish is only available in the Spiral during the Spring Festival. Catch it before it floats away!

So now that you know much about this amazing Spring Festival, go and have some fun in the Spiral and enjoy this awesome Festival!!

03 April, 2017

NEW Level 118 School Pets in Wizard101

Hello Wizards!!
I know that this post was supposed to be published a long time ago but i just couldn't find the time for it. But now let's get to the topic.

KingsIsle Live has unveiled Level 118 School Pets in Wizard101. Now let us discuss the pets that have been unveiled so far. One pet for each school has been revealed.

  • The Raincore is a cute pet for Diviners (Storm School).

  • The Kookabura is the pet for the Life School. It kind of looks like a pet for the Ice School but no, it is a pet for the Life School. 

  • The Ghulture is the new pet for the Necromancers.
  • The Opposum is the pet for Balance Wizards.

  • The Raging Bull is the brand new pet for Pyromancers (Fire School) and it one of my personal favorites because it is so cool!
  • The Borealis Golem is the new pet for Ice Wizards.
  • The Wandering Eyes is the new pet for the Myth School. Creepy pet right?

I've summed up the brand new pets for each school in Wizard101. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

02 April, 2017

Easter Bunny Run 2017 by Edward LifeGem (RECAP)

Hi everyone!
Previous Saturday, i attended an amazing event which is held annually by Around The Spiral with Edward LifeGemEaster Bunny Run! I hope you all were able to attend and enjoy this amazing event because i really liked it! Let's move on to the the recap of this event.

Bunnies, Bunnies and more Bunnies!!

Bunnies! :D

Wizards had already started gathering in the Commons in the Unicorn realm about 7 hours before the official time for the event to start. But then, the commons was overflowed with BUNNIES. Cute and; colorful bunnies. Bunnies in every direction! Almost every area was full and there were many wizards who couldn't make it to the Area 1 in Unicorn Realm. But they still had fun in the other Areas.
Bunnies had first lined up around one of the building in the commons and that looked really cool. Then every bunny lined up around the pond and that was even better! (Basically the wizards were not bunnies, they were riding bunnies :p). Bunnies had officially taken over the Commons.

Before the event started, wizards (bunnies) did plenty of stuff to entertain themselves. Some were dancing, some were talking while others were just streaming the event live on YouTube etc. 
Here are some of the pictures i took of the activities before the Bunny Run began.
How about a little Dance eh? :)
There was plenty of dancing and bunny hopping before the event.
Everyone lined around the pond! 
The Bunny Run!

The bunny run was about to take place. All the bunnies (wizards) had to run across the route as told by Edward LifeGem in his video. Everyone gathered on the rainbow bridge which was the starting point of the run.Just a few minutes before the run everyone was hopping like crazy! Everyone was very eager for the run to start because they had been waiting for it for a lot of hours. And finally the RUN BEGAN! Everyone ran the route of the Bunny Run. After this it was time for the After Party.

After Party 
Photo by Edward LifeGem
After the run everyone was able to teleport to the after party thanks to the teleport buses. All the wizards had a choice between Sultan's Palace (PvP & Gauntlet House) and Darkmoor Manor (Housing Games House). Wizards also teleported to Autumn DreamWalker's Celestial Observatory - an amazing Celestial themed house - and Frostcaller's Botanical Gardens - an amazing Harry Potter themed House. A lot of wizards had plenty of fun in these houses and there were hundreds of wizards at the event. Now - the After After Party :)!

After After Party
After the after party, we all had an After After Party. In After After Party everyone ran the same route as the Bunny Run but used their favorite mounts. Edward did another giveaway on Heather's Stream by playing hide-and-seek and at the first we all found him really quickly. But he did better on the second try. 

But in the end it was a great event! If you missed the event or missed some part of the event don't worry. Many Youtubers and Streamers streamed this event live on YouTube and Twitch. Scroll below to view the event :Bunny Run 2017!

Special Videos of Easter Bunny Run 2017
Kristen Is Wild

Angela Gem Gaming and BlazePlays

Heather the Wizard



This is getting too long now so maybe i should just end it now :p! 
Have Fun and i hope you all are able to attend the future events in Wizard101.

Until Next Time!