02 April, 2017

Easter Bunny Run 2017 by Edward LifeGem (RECAP)

Hi everyone!
Previous Saturday, i attended an amazing event which is held annually by Around The Spiral with Edward LifeGemEaster Bunny Run! I hope you all were able to attend and enjoy this amazing event because i really liked it! Let's move on to the the recap of this event.

Bunnies, Bunnies and more Bunnies!!

Bunnies! :D

Wizards had already started gathering in the Commons in the Unicorn realm about 7 hours before the official time for the event to start. But then, the commons was overflowed with BUNNIES. Cute and; colorful bunnies. Bunnies in every direction! Almost every area was full and there were many wizards who couldn't make it to the Area 1 in Unicorn Realm. But they still had fun in the other Areas.
Bunnies had first lined up around one of the building in the commons and that looked really cool. Then every bunny lined up around the pond and that was even better! (Basically the wizards were not bunnies, they were riding bunnies :p). Bunnies had officially taken over the Commons.

Before the event started, wizards (bunnies) did plenty of stuff to entertain themselves. Some were dancing, some were talking while others were just streaming the event live on YouTube etc. 
Here are some of the pictures i took of the activities before the Bunny Run began.
How about a little Dance eh? :)
There was plenty of dancing and bunny hopping before the event.
Everyone lined around the pond! 
The Bunny Run!

The bunny run was about to take place. All the bunnies (wizards) had to run across the route as told by Edward LifeGem in his video. Everyone gathered on the rainbow bridge which was the starting point of the run.Just a few minutes before the run everyone was hopping like crazy! Everyone was very eager for the run to start because they had been waiting for it for a lot of hours. And finally the RUN BEGAN! Everyone ran the route of the Bunny Run. After this it was time for the After Party.

After Party 
Photo by Edward LifeGem
After the run everyone was able to teleport to the after party thanks to the teleport buses. All the wizards had a choice between Sultan's Palace (PvP & Gauntlet House) and Darkmoor Manor (Housing Games House). Wizards also teleported to Autumn DreamWalker's Celestial Observatory - an amazing Celestial themed house - and Frostcaller's Botanical Gardens - an amazing Harry Potter themed House. A lot of wizards had plenty of fun in these houses and there were hundreds of wizards at the event. Now - the After After Party :)!

After After Party
After the after party, we all had an After After Party. In After After Party everyone ran the same route as the Bunny Run but used their favorite mounts. Edward did another giveaway on Heather's Stream by playing hide-and-seek and at the first we all found him really quickly. But he did better on the second try. 

But in the end it was a great event! If you missed the event or missed some part of the event don't worry. Many Youtubers and Streamers streamed this event live on YouTube and Twitch. Scroll below to view the event :Bunny Run 2017!

Special Videos of Easter Bunny Run 2017
Kristen Is Wild

Angela Gem Gaming and BlazePlays

Heather the Wizard



This is getting too long now so maybe i should just end it now :p! 
Have Fun and i hope you all are able to attend the future events in Wizard101.

Until Next Time!

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