03 April, 2017

NEW Level 118 School Pets in Wizard101

Hello Wizards!!
I know that this post was supposed to be published a long time ago but i just couldn't find the time for it. But now let's get to the topic.

KingsIsle Live has unveiled Level 118 School Pets in Wizard101. Now let us discuss the pets that have been unveiled so far. One pet for each school has been revealed.

  • The Raincore is a cute pet for Diviners (Storm School).

  • The Kookabura is the pet for the Life School. It kind of looks like a pet for the Ice School but no, it is a pet for the Life School. 

  • The Ghulture is the new pet for the Necromancers.
  • The Opposum is the pet for Balance Wizards.

  • The Raging Bull is the brand new pet for Pyromancers (Fire School) and it one of my personal favorites because it is so cool!
  • The Borealis Golem is the new pet for Ice Wizards.
  • The Wandering Eyes is the new pet for the Myth School. Creepy pet right?

I've summed up the brand new pets for each school in Wizard101. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!


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  2. Thanks Mark! Keep an eye out for future posts on this site! :D

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