11 April, 2017

Spring Festival 2017--Wizard101

Spring is finnally here and you know what that means... Spring Festival in Wizard101! Each year Wizard101 celebrates this amazing Spring Festival in which all those amazing items are back in the Crown Shop. And as always, Eggbert returns with all those Spring items that we can buy and enjoy!
Read below to know more.

Eggbert in the Shopping District
Eggbert return in the Shopping District by the fountain with all the Spring Items. Visit him to buy the seasonal items!

Pets are Back!
The three new pets from last year have returned in Wizard101: Dreamy Baaterfly, Energetic Baaterfly and Harmonious Baaterfly! You can get these pets during Spring Festival so buy them right away!

The Stormrider Mount is BACK!You can also buy this special mount or obtain it as a drop from specific bosses. But remember, you can only obtain this mount during the Spring festivities and only from bosses that are level-appropriate to your Wizard. This is an amazing chance for your Wizard to get this mount. Read Prospector Zeke's post to know which bosses to farm at your current level.

Seasonal and Spring Fish
The Eggshell fish have returned for the Spring Festival: Black Eggshell Fish (Death School Fish), Blue Eggshell Fish (Life School Fish), & the Yellow Eggshell Fish (Myth School Fish).

The Springfish is also back. This Storm fish is only available in the Spiral during the Spring Festival. Catch it before it floats away!

So now that you know much about this amazing Spring Festival, go and have some fun in the Spiral and enjoy this awesome Festival!!

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