20 May, 2017

Activities for Max Level Wizards in Wizard101

 After completing all the quests in Wizard101, most wizards wonder. "Now What?". The answer to their question is here! In this post I'll tell you What to do NEXT in Wizard101!

After finishing the game and becoming a "Champion" wizard, most people stop playing the game just because they think that it is now boring. In fact, there is tons to do in Wizard101 even after finishing the game! Many activitites are available which will keep Max level wizards busy in Wizard101. There is so much to do, I don't even know where to start :D!

1. Hanging Out & Making New Friends

This is probably what most MAX level players do in Wizard101. Hanging out in the Commons or crowded areas is the best place to make new friends! There are a lot of people with whom you can talk to and make friends with. However, make sure that you do not give a cold shoulder to low level players. They also need someone to guide them so always offer a helping hand!

You can chat with other players, trade some treasure cards, or go and help someone with their quests!

2. Join A Team
Offer a helping hand! If you can't find someone to help in the Commons or somewhere else, go to "Join A Team" in Olde Town.

There are a lot of Wizards who have opened teams because they need help!
Plus you might get some good gear, or maybe a rare drop from a boss. You will also obtain treasure cards which you can either sell for gold or use them yourself.

If you help a lot of teams, you will also earn the badge "Team Player" which you can display proudly.

3. Shopping in Bazaar

Bazaar is the best place to buy stuff! You can purchase almost everything at the Bazaar. Most of the auction-able items are available at the Bazaar. Bazaar is the Best Place to Buy in Wizard101. Want good-looking gear? Or maybe some reagents? Or some Treasure Cards? Bazaar has everything!

Who knows you might get a rare item. You can also sell stuff and make lots of gold which you can use to buy Mounts, Houses and much more! Visit Bazaar right away.

Master Merchant "Elik Silverfist" has everything for your Wizard's needs!

4. Playing Mini-Games

Games within a game! The fairegrounds offers lots of fun mini-game for your Wizard to play. These mini-games are really great and fun to play! What's the benefit? Your potions will be refilled without using any gold! There are many mini-games to use from.

You can find the Fairegrounds in the Commons, near Golem Court. Use your Map to find Fairegrounds easily.

5. Completing Daily Assignments

Daily Assignments is a great activity for Max level players. You can either interact with your Gravulum Lodestone or talk with Aegan Statz in Ravenwood to check out the assignment for that day.

Daily Assignments yield great rewards for your wizard like crowns, gold, arena tickets and much more!!

So after completing all of the quests, give Daily Assignments a try. The more you play Daily Assignments the better the rewards you'll get!

6. Dungeons and Gauntlets

Many dungeons and housing gauntlets are available in Wizard101 which Max level wizards can give a try. You can find these gauntlets in various houses through the housing tours.

You can also farm for cool gear through these dungeons. For an extra challenge, max level players should try to SOLO these dungeons!

Max level players should also help low level players who are trying to do these dungeons. A great dueling activity for Max level players.

7. Monstrology

Wizard101 recently introduced a new system to the game called Monstrology. Monstrology allows us to capture the animus of bosses. Then we can use the Animus to do different stuff like create a house guest of that monster, create an expel card or simply battle them in Monstrology Tome.

For an extra challenge, try to get every monster in the spiral to your collection! A collecting activity for Max level players!

8. PvP (Ranked and Practice Matches)

Probably the best activity for Champion wizards. Play Ranked and Practice Player-versus-Player (PvP) matches and enhance your dueling skills. Perfect for dueling wizards. 
Extra Challenge: Try to reach the leaderboard by winning PvP matches against other players.

By winning matches, you are rewarded different things. Use Arena Tickets to buy cool stuff from PvP vendors. You can also gain pretty cool badges by winning PvP matches. So get PvPing right now...!

9. Fishing
By all of the fishing spells from Lucky Hookling, find a good fishing spot, and get fishing. Try to catch different fish and then sell them to earn lots of gold. Seasonal fish also roam the waters of the Spiral so try to catch them too!  You can also do fishing in various houses like Massive Fantasy Palace, Darkmoor Manor etc and catch different fish. You can also get different badges! Fishing tournaments, and catch of the day are also available.
10. Gardening

Gardening... one of my favorite activity in Wizard101. Farm for various seeds or buy them in the Crown Shop and then harvest them and receive awesome rewards. Try out gardening today! But beware, gardening is not that easy. Your plants must be taken care of daily, just like in real life.

11. Housing Tours & Decorating

Visit other houses through Castle Tours and get inspired by the amazingly decorated houses. Decorate your own house too. Houses for gold are also available in the Crown Shop. 
For a challenge, try to get your house into the leaderboard. 
Decorating is actually a really nice activity in Wizard101. I've seen many awesome houses in the Castle Tours. I'm not a very bad decorator myself :D!

12. Pet Derby, Hatching & Pet Training

Farm for the best pet, or use the New level 118 pets to race in the pet derby. Or train your pets to the maximum level. You can try out different fun games in the Pet Pavilion and have lots of fun! 

Now that sums up the amazing activities that Max level players could give a try after completing the game. Now Champion wizards have no reason to stop playing Wizard101!

Share you thoughts & views that what could a max level player could do in Wizard101 below!

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