13 May, 2017

EverClicker Launches Worldwide!

KingsIsle has launched its latest mobile game: EverClicker! Let's talk about this amazing mobile game by KingsIsle!

About EverClicker
As you all may already that this is the latest mobile game by KingsIsle. EverClicker is actually similar to Wizard101 and Pirate101. It is a 3D game in which we have to defeat monsters (by clicking or tapping of course) and save different worlds. A villian named the Star Devourer eats the stars and darkens the worlds. And we, the heroes, must save these worlds by collecting the Stars from the Star Devourer and restoring light to the worlds. Exciting right?!

Play EverClicker
You can download EverClicker for free (in-game purchases optional) on Android, iOS or Amazon. Click the links below to access those downloads:

Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KingsIsle.Ever
iOS: itunes.apple.com/app/everclicker/id1061707400
Amazon: www.amazon.com/KingsIsle-Entertainment-Inc-EverClicker/dp/B01CIH2L1S

Earn Crowns for Clicking!
You can earn crowns for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 for clicking (for playing EverClicker)! 
  • Collect 1 Star for 200 Crowns.
  • Collect 4 Stars for 800 Crowns.
In total, you can earn 1000 Crowns for playing EverClicker. You will recieve a code which you can then redeem for these Crowns. Click HERE for information!

EverClicker Helpful Links
  1. EverClicker Main Site
  2. EverClicker Facebook
  3. EverClicker Twitter
  4. EverClicker YouTube
  5. EverClicker Google+

If you hear anyone getting stuck in game, remember this piece of advice from EverClicker's Support Page: http://www.everclicker.com/support

If you have anyone questions or concerns regarding the game or accounts, please send an email to:

I hope you all enjoy EverClicker!! :D

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