01 June, 2017

Adding Disqus to Blog, Changing blog design (YES/NO?)

Hey there!
I just wanted to update you all about my blog. I've recently added Disqus to this blog. Disqus makes it easier for users to comment and it's a great tool!

Now you all can comment pictures & videos. Isn't that great? But I'm still new to Disqus and there is a lot of work to be done because Disqus is not working with the pages right now. If anyone knows how to solve this problem email me through the Contact Form. 

And also tell me (by emailing or commenting below) that should I use Disqus on this blog or should I remove it? Tell me as soon as possible :).

And I was also thinking about changing the design of my blog. It should be more better and unique. What do you think about the design of my blog? Should I change it or not? Tell me in the comments below or email me. 

And if you have any suggestions about the design of my blog, please tell me. That's all for now Wizards!
-James LifeMancer.

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