13 June, 2017

Launching into YouTube/ My YouTube Channel

Hey there!

I've been blogging for almost a year now (my first blogoversary is next month) and I've been thinking about starting to make YouTube videos. Because by making YouTube videos I'll be able to contribute to the Wizard101 community even more and it will also be great for all the guides I'll write for Wizard101.

My YouTube Channel
So today, I've launched my YouTube channel: James LifeMancer! Although making YouTube videos is not my main thing, blogging is my main thing, I'll still try to make a few YouTube videos each month. Click on the image below to view my YouTube Channel:

My YouTube channel is currently in its testing phase so right now I'm using the free version of Bandicam to record Wizard101 videos. Once I'll get the hang of it, I'll either get the full version or use another software to record better videos.

My Reason To Start A YouTube Channel
The reason why I made a YouTube channel is because it will help me in making guides for Wizard101 and it will also be a useful tool to record any Wizard101 events. It will also help me contribute to the community even more.

My First Video
Below you can watch my very first video on YouTube! It's basically a very small tour of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in a twisted way. As you can see that my character is GLITCHED which makes this video kind of funny and interesting.

Video Character
I've created my very own Video Character. I'll be using this character to record YouTube videos. Unique thing about him is that he's completely dressed in Dragoon's gear. So you'll notice him wherever he is. (Whoops! Other wizards also have Dragoon's Gear).

His name is the same: James LifeMancer!

Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for more videos about Wizard101! Click HERE to view my YouTube Channel! 

Have fun and see you in the Spiral!
Introducing...Video Character: James LifeMancer! Woot! :D

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