02 June, 2017

Wizard101: The New Avalon Outlaw's Bundle

Wizard101 has officially released the Avalon Outlaw's Bundle. This is the latest game-card for Wizard101 and it is loaded with lots of interesting items. In this post, I'll completely review this bundle and give you an in-depth view of the bundle so you have a better understanding of the items that are included with this bundle.

Avalon Outlaw's Bundle Overview
Available at: Gamestop
Cost: $39
Items Included:

  • Outlaw's Refuge (House)
  • Vulpine Avenger Mount (Mount)
  • Fairfly Pet (Pet)
  • Dashing Outlaw Gear (Head-to-toe Gear)
  • Ranger's Marksman Bow (Weapon/Wand)
  • 1 Month Membership OR 5000 Crowns

Outlaw's Refuge House

The Avalon Outlaw's Refuge is a basically a massive treehouse with tons of trees, various rooms and a lot of secret passageways. There is a catapult which will definitely keep intruders out of your house. There is even a dragon which gives us daily rewards. Fishing is also available in this Avalon themed house.

The house is spacious and it has a lot of tunnels, secret passageways and interconnected rooms which makes it perfect for parties and hide-and-seek games. Swordroll even did a full tour of the house. You can watch the full video below!

Vulpine Avenger Mount
The Vulpine Avenger Mount is the newest stat-boosting mount. So if you're collecting the stat-boosting mounts, this mount is definitely for you. The Vulpine Avenger mount comes with a 40% speed boost and a 2% piercing bonus. This furry little friend is of perfect size and will be a great addition to your mount collection.

Fairfly Pet
The fairfly pet is a magical pet with a very enchanting and magical look. It is obtainable via hatching. This pet has a starting pedigree of 70 and comes with a fairy card at baby. It is a life school pet.

Dashing Outlaw Gear and Marksman Bow
The gear in this bundle is pretty cool. With that iconic Robin-hood look, it is also loaded with new spells and stats. Stats for level 120+ are given below.

The stats are really great and the look of the gear is also awesome. The hat gives wizards the Acuity spell. It provides a 20% accuracy boost to all friends and 25% plus 5% piercing. The robes gives us the Spirit Armor for 600 damage. The boots gives wizards a charm, Double Steal Charm, in which we can steal two positive charms from the enemy.

The Marksman Bow mainly focuses on attack and comes with 2 cards and 1 May-cast spell. The new may-cast spell is called Outlaw's Courtesy that causes the enemy to lose 3 pips and the caster to gain three pips. Another video by Swordroll in which he shows all of the stats of all the gear. Watch it below!

So if you love Avalon, this bundle is definitely for you. Share your thoughts and views about this bundle in the comments section below!


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