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Welcome to the "About Me" Page!! Read below if you want to know more about me!!

I was playing random games on Miniclip.com and when i was searching for random games, i found Wizard101! I downloaded it and started playing it. I first played Wizard101 in 2013 but i discontinued playing it. Then one day i thought that i should play this game, so i downloaded it & created another account and officially started playing this game. I officially started playing this game in May, 2015.

My first Wizard was a Fire wizard which means he was a Pyromancer. You can see my Wizard in the picture above. I quickly levelled up with him and i didn't create another Wizard until my fire wizard was about level 16 or something. I have a wizard of every school except for Balance school.

After becoming an experienced Wizard101 player, i thought that i should share my wizarding adventures and my knowledge about Wizard101 with the rest of the wizards out there! So i created this blog/fansite (unofficial) dedicated to the game which we all love Wizard101! If you want to know more about this blog/fansite, you should read the "About This Website" page!

Now that you know enough about me, how about moving to the next page, "About This Website" or just scrolling down and reading my awesome posts made for Wizard101.



  1. Cooool I love the new mouse effect btw x3

  2. Replies
    1. Keep an eye out for my blog/fansite for more Wizard101 posts!

  3. tavia winterbreeze29 March 2017 at 10:48

    its tavia your tc supplier i love the site :)

    1. Great to hear that you like the site Tavia! :)


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