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Welcome to the "About This Website" page!!
This is a blog/ fansite (unofficial) which is completely dedicated to Wizard101. In this blog/fansite you'll find all types of stuff related to Wizard101!
I'll be posting some amazing Guides that will definitely help your Wizard in the game, some battling/dueling & PvP tips that will help your wizard defeat every foe or opponent out there, side-activities guides like fishing, housing and gardening tips, events & contests and much much more! News & Updates related to Wizard101 are also available!

This Blog Features

  • Guides related to Wizard101
  • PvP Posts
  • News & Updates related to Wizard101
  • Tips & Tricks for Wizard101
  • Information about latest bundles, packs and updates
  • My own Wizard101 Memories & Adventures
  • And much more... (new categories will be added after APRIL 2018)

I'll be adding some new categories to my blog/fansite that I'm currently working on. Those categories are gonna be so much fun and I know that you'll love them :D! Once those new & exclusive categories are released on my blog/fansite, I'll announce them on this page, so keep an eye out for my blog/fansite!

And guess what? I'll also be taking suggestions & ideas for new guides, dueling, PvP, posts, spells or just simply anything related to Wizard101 from the readers (YES, That's YOU!) of my blog/fansite, I'm currently working on that. However you can contact me through the contact form available on my blog/fansite.

A blog/fansite which is dedicated to help you conquer the Spiral!
So if you love Wizard101, Dueling, Spells etc, this blog/fansite is definitely for you.

I don't think I'll ever stop blogging about Wizard101. ;D

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Blog/Fansite Creation Date

21st July' 2016.

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  1. I saw you at Ravenwood at Edward LifeGem's event today :)

  2. I saw him in fire cat ally? or the commons :T

  3. Thanks Cowan for visiting my blog!


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